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Founded in November 2005, Hanjet (Enterprise) Group specializes in producing and selling PE light box fabrics, PE awning fabrics, PE inkjet fabrics, outdoor film structures, import & export PVC plastic fabrics, awning fabrics, advertising light box fabrics, chemical raw materials and other products. The products are widely applied to different fields of buildings, vehicles, sunshade, warehousing, advertising, sports & leisure apparatuses, recreation facilities, etc., and feature high intensity, good water resistance, long service life, attractive appearance and other excellent physical and chemical properties. The company is equipped with a complete set of material production line and complete finished product processing and production equipment, and utilizes scientific process formulas and processes to provide new/old customers with the best products and comprehensive services through a strict raw material and finished product inspection control system in combination with a professional marketing team. The company has three wholly-owned subsidiaries (Zhejiang Hanjet New Materials Co., Ltd., Haining Jinchao Industry Co., Ltd. and Haining Hanjet Plastic Co., Ltd.), as well as one group holding company (Haining Dafeng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.).


In the core values of “Perseverance, Fine Words & Deeds”, the mission of “propel industry technology reform, innovate industry management mode” and the vision of “cultivate first-class staff, create first-class enterprise, build first-class brand”, the group company spares no efforts to set up an enterprise staff team with the style of “clear target, data proof, and bold trial for better results”.

The company is taking a compacted step, to carry out the transformation from nonexistence to existence, small to large, product reproduction to product innovation and R&D production, as well as extensive development mode to scientific fine development mode.

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